The title of my blog is “Number Conservation”. A description of this blog is a mathematical topic that will teach students how to compose and decompose numbers. Students will learn through the use of manipulatives, daily sign-ins, subitizing, physical models and small groups. Students will be able to determine the total amount of something, generate equivalent forms of a given number, compose and decompose numbers, and develop strategies for addition and subtraction.
Piaget’s theory is that during the preoperational stage, children are unable to think abstractly. He says that during the ages of two to seven, children lack the principle of conservation. Unfortunately, if a student has not mastered conservation of numbers early on in first grade then it’s going to be virtually impossible for the student to master the Grade Level Indicators in math set for our school district. The student will have to have mastered the understanding that a number merely represents a quantity. A number could stand for five very tall buildings or five fingers. Either way, five is five no matter how it is arranged or what it represents. My blog will be spent on helping students understand conservation or number correspondence.

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